HDAC  |  Physical Address: 5144 Dolphin Road, Dallas, TX 75223| Mailing Address: 5144 Dolphin Road, Dallas, TX 75223  Phone: 214-823-8707  |  Email: atoya@hmbconline.org



Our Mission Statement

The mission of HDAC is to provide a high quality, nurturing, educational and spiritual environment.  A place where educators and families come together to encourage each child to reach their maximum potential emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually.  This belief will develop true character, leadership and Christian service through teaching of the Scriptures.

We will place a great emphasis on the community that we are connected with, and we encourage any parent who has the desire for their child to experience doors of unlimited possibilities to become a part of what we believe will set an unprecedented standard for many years to come. Our goal is not to compete and gain notoriety, but to cause our students to excel in all areas of academics as well as social and economic awareness. Our staff will play a key role in developing the future leaders of our community. Our relentless goal will be to touch the lives of both students and parents and the outcome will speak for itself. Our commitment to opening a door of unending possibilities for our students will set us apart.

Children and youth receiving education that will help them excel above national and global standards.

Our commitment is to lead children to be the best they can be for His Glory.


Our curriculum is chosen from Texas Rising Star program and integrated with the Daniel Project educational system that is based on the Bible as the central context of the school's curriculum.

HDAC will serve in the community for generations to come. This educational center will prove to be one the best preparatory schools in the country. Children from 0 to 11, will learn not only the concepts they need to live by but will be equipped to excel in any facet of life.