For Any Questions for H-DAC

1. What will HDAC do for the community?

It will give the community an alternative to public schools and will offer be Adult Education, Computer, Job Development and English Literacy classes that will help the people of the community to enhance their present situation. The educational center will also provide jobs in the community.

2. How much is needed for construction of building?

The estimation is 11 to 12 million dollars with contingencies built into the estimated total.

3. When is the estimate date of completion?

 August of 2009

4. How many students will be enrolled in school per school year?

We plan to open the Development Center for ages 0-2 and the Achievement Center from grades Pre-K  to 6th grade eventually expanding to Middle and Senior High. The maximum number of students the educational center can hold is 350. 

5. What is your mission?

The mission of the Hopewell Development and Achievement Center is to provide a quality education to all of God�s children for a life of learning and service in His world.  We believe that this will develop true character, leadership and Christian service through teaching of Scriptures. Our commitment is to lead children to be the best they can be for His glory.

God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom Daniel 1:17

6. Why another school?

Our school will be committed to finding ways to give low income families the opportunity to send their children to a state of the art private school. Our community is made up of 19.6% Anglo, 46.6% Hispanic, 30.2% Black and 3.6% of other ethnic groups. Studies show that most private schools develop strong positive relationships with the community. This school will be more than "a school", it will be a place that will bring our community together.

7. Who is the targeted student body?

We will place a great emphasis on the community that we are connected with, and we encourage any parent who has the desire for their child to experience doors of unlimited possibilities to become a part of what we believe will set an unprecedented standard for many years to come.

8. What will be the criteria for students to attend the school?

A willing heart to learn and a heart to please God.

9. How many square feet is the facility?

Estimated at 61,000 Square feet

10. What will be different in your school verses public or other  private, church, schools in this area?

Our goal is not to compete and gain notoriety but to cause our students to excel in all areas of academics as well as social and economic awareness. Our staff will play a key role in developing the future leaders of our community. Our relentless goal will be to touch the lives of those students and parents and the outcome will speak for itself. Our commitment to opening a door of unending possibilities for our students will set us apart.